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Through the power of pop, gifs, youtube links and in-depth conversation the complex legacies of two very different divas are unpacked.

Chosen by extra special guests EUGENE YIU NAM CHEUNG and SELIN DAVASSE, let Yıldız Tilbe and Anita Mui lead you to new levels of knowing.

This episode is called 'DIVA REALLY WANT TO HURT ME?'

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Anita Mui performing "Split the Iceberg"

Selin Davasse discusses her Diva

Selin Davasse (1992, Turkey) lives and works in Berlin.
Her performative practice translates research across
various disciplines to textual, visual and sonic textures.
Interweaving theory, history and fiction into feminine voices,
her work engages with ethical/political impasses
and takes shape as multilayered lecture-performances
with site-specific installations.

Yıldız performing 'Delikanlim' Live on TV

A recent hit from Yıldız Tilbe.

Anita Mui performing "Years Flowing like Water"

Photo from Anita Mui's final concert

Yildez's signature tune 'Delikanlim', the official music video

Anita Mui

Live footage of Eugene discussing Ms. Mui.

Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung is a writer based in Berlin,
and founding editor of institutional critique platform Decolonial Hacker.
He is the curatorial assistant at the Julia Stoschek Collection (Berlin/Düsseldorf).

Mourners at Anita Mui's Funeral

Eugene's top Anita Mui album recomendation on Apple Music and Spotify

Anita Mui

Footage from Anina Mui's Funeral 2003

Yıldız performing from her window during lockdown last year.

Image of you, the audience.

BABES BAR is a project by Adam Fearon and Caique Tizzi. Since 2016 Babes has invited people to present work in contexts outside of their usual practices such as dinners, lectures, karaoke nights, seminars and concerts. Babes Bar has hosted events at Berlinische Galerie, Gropius Bau, KW, Klosterruine, Haus der Statistik, Fragile and BQ, and it has been supported by VideoArt at Midnight, Immersion Festival and Kulturprojekte Berlin.