Initiated in 2016, Babes Bar is a Berlin-based pop-up art bar that invites artists to perform and host events, presenting art in a relational manner, such as dinners, lectures, karaoke nights, seminars, concerts, poetry readings among others. Babes Bar promotes encounters within non-academic settings, prioritising convivial set-ups and collaboration across disciplines. Babes Bar is organised by Adam Fearon and Caique Tizzi.



BABES DINER: Forbidden Fruit

To the Underworld and Back

A Tale of Persephone

A Performative Dinner by Babes Bar featuring Rosa Aiello and Elif Saydam

Kitchen Team: Rosa Branca, Carolina Paoletti and Chelsea Turowsky.

BDP x Babes Writing Prize

A collaboration between Broken Dimanche Press and Babes Bar, the 2019 Writing Prize was just great. Below are photos from the ceremony.

BABES DINER: Forbidden Fruit

at FRAGILE Berlin

A dinner on Guilt and Shame.
Food: Caique Tizzi.
Inter- coursal lectures: Adam Fearon
and contributions by:
Inger Wold Lund
John Holten
Amy Ball
Hanne Lippard


bERLINISHE Galerie : Rapaheala Vogel Eropening at Berlinishe Galerie as part of Video Art at Midnight Festival.


Augury was a month long exhibition and event series at BQ Gallery in July 2016.
Compiled by Adam Fearon, John Holten, Caique Tizzi, Raphaela Vogel

“Augury” is a show about reading, featuring Shane Anderson . Hannes Bajohr . Marisa Benjamim . Barbara E. Borg Bruce Conner . Black Cracker . Selin Davasse . Jay DeFeo . Adam Fearon Michael Franz . Michael Hakimi . Natalie Häusler . John Holten Konrad Klapheck . Peter König . Elise Lammer . Jochen Lempert . Luci Lippard Jannis Marwitz . Jonathan Monk . Joel Mu . Vera Palme . Damon Sfetsios . Barbara Spiller and Angela Stiegler . Caique Tizzi Raphaela Vogel . Mundi Vondi and Karl Homqvist . Cathy Wilkes . Richard Wright