Babes Bar is a project by Adam Fearon and Caique Tizzi. Since 2016 Babes has invited people to present work in contexts outside of their usual practices such as dinners, lectures, karaoke nights, seminars and concerts. Babes Bar has hosted events at Berlinische Galerie, Gropius Bau, KW, Klosterruine, Haus der Statistik, Fragile and BQ, and it has been supported by VideoArt at Midnight, Immersion Festival and Kulturprojekte Berlin.


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Berlin Artweek Opening at Haus der Statistik, September 2019
Supported by Kulturprojekte Berlin

BABES DINER: Forbidden Fruit

To the Underworld and Back

A Tale of Persephone

A Performative Dinner by Babes Bar featuring Rosa Aiello and Elif Saydam. November 2019, Munich.

Kitchen Team: Rosa Branca, Carolina Paoletti and Chelsea Turowsky.

BDP x Babes Writing Prize

A collaboration between Broken Dimanche Press and Babes Bar, the 2019 Writing Prize was the first of an annual prize dedicated to excellent new international writing that displays progressive and bold qualities in both form and content. Applications for the 2020 prize are now open.

BABES DINER: Forbidden Fruit

at FRAGILE Berlin

February 2019.

A dinner on Guilt and Shame.
Food: Caique Tizzi.
Inter- coursal lectures: Adam Fearon
and contributions by:
Inger Wold Lund
John Holten
Amy Ball
Hanne Lippard


On the occasion of Raphaela Vogel's exhibition opening ´Son of a Witch´ organised by VideoArt at Midnight, November 2018.
Music by Eric D. Clark and Dj Bulgeri.


Augury was a month long exhibition and event series at BQ Gallery in July 2016. Compiled by Adam Fearon, John Holten, Caique Tizzi, Raphaela Vogel

“Augury” was a show about reading, featuring Shane Anderson . Hannes Bajohr . Marisa Benjamim . Barbara E. Borg Bruce Conner . Black Cracker . Selin Davasse . Jay DeFeo . Adam Fearon Michael Franz . Michael Hakimi . Natalie Häusler . John Holten Konrad Klapheck . Peter König . Elise Lammer . Jochen Lempert . Luci Lippard Jannis Marwitz . Jonathan Monk . Joel Mu . Vera Palme . Damon Sfetsios . Barbara Spiller and Angela Stiegler . Caique Tizzi Raphaela Vogel . Mundi Vondi and Karl Homqvist . Cathy Wilkes . Richard Wright